North Shore

Nestled on Kaua‘i’s North Shore, a select number of gorgeous homesites that offer iconic views of dramatic mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Here’s a place of real magic, where the living spirit of nature is encountered around every bend of a trail.

A Place Full
Of Magic

There is no piece of land on the North Shore like ours, with its mountains and ocean views, its beach, orchard, and its rich landscape. Here’s a place where our owners eat, breathe and live longer.

A Less-Is-
More Kind
Of Place

Less man-made. More nature-made. The North Shore has always been the quintessence of Kaua‘i, a place that’s true to itself.


A neighborly community where nature is paramount and wellness is seamlessly incorporated into the lifestyle.

Here Is Magic

Oceanside Ranch Owner Access

The Homesites

Set in a landscape that is naturally spectacular, each homesite makes a harmonious statement.

The Beach

Anini Beach is a connection to the North Shore community, and a place for residents to relax in comfort.

The Horses

On the Preserve, horses graze and ranch fences are low-profile.

The Orchard

We support local and farm-to-table agriculture with an orchard of our own.

Surrounding Amenities*

The Trails

A sense of discovery is everywhere, including on the Preserve trails that lead to koi ponds, waterfalls and stunning vistas.

The North Shore House

A gathering place featuring wellness facilities, plus a proposed market, restaurant, and more.

The Prince Course

Manicured yet rugged and natural, the award-winning Prince is a place where golf and adventure come together.

The Hanalei Bay Town

A laid-back, preserved-out-of-time paradise, just a few scenic minutes and a one-lane bridge from the Preserve.

*Access to Surrounding Amenities is not included in the purchase of property within North Shore Preserve, and is subject to the rules, regulations, and fees imposed by the owner of such amenities.

Community Principles

We Are

The owners and the community are connected and caring, active and accountable. We are the stewards of the thousand acres that we will call home.

We Feel

We are creating the healthiest community in the healthiest state in the country. This is a place to feel alive.

We Are

We’re friendly, generous, welcoming, e komo mai. We will find the delicate balance between owners and the community. We socialize. We harmonize.

We Are
Low Key

The North Shore is a less-is-more kind of place. We take a beach shack and evolve its comforts, not its spirit.

Here Is

We know that the magic of the North Shore is real. As believers, we are stewards of both the magic and spirit of the landscape.


If you are a lover of the North Shore of Kauai, and want to be a part of this community, sign up here to be among the first to know about the North Shore Preserve. We will keep you updated as plans develop.

Jeff Stone